How To Get Rid Of Flabby Stomach With The Help Of Cosmetics

How can one remove belly creases with the help of the cosmetics? A lot of different methods isn't panacea, but they will justify themselves as the additional components. Useful cosmetics for your belly skin after weigh loss are those that contain collagen. Moisturizers with horse chestnut concentrate, brown algae and mint increase skin tone. 

Concentrates of origanum, lavender, sage and marigold will help to activate your cells microcirculation. To renew your skin a bit, make a peeling of ground coffee seeds once in a week. While taking a bath, add light lemon and cypress oils to the water. Essential oils help to remove the liquid from the body and have a lifting effect on the flabby stomach skin. 

Vitamin E makes skin stronger and more elastic. You can take it in, using drops or in form of olive, linseed and even almond oil from the outside.