30 Ways to Improve Yourself

1. Prefer simple foods. 

2. Eat and sleep regularly. 

3. Chew the food properly. Leave the table a little hungry. 

4. Remember: we are the part of what we've eaten. 

5. Do exercises 3 times a day for 5 minutes. 

6. The most important is air. 

7. Distinguish the sun light and artificial light.

8. Keep water inside and outside.

9. Chose spare clothes.

10. Go to bed early and sleep enough. 

2. Intellectual.
1. Think sensibly. 

2. Learn from wise people. 

3. Learn to hear attentively. 

4. Read better newspapers and books. 

5. Train memory. 

6. Concentrate. 

7. Don't worry without the reason.

8. Be systematic. 

9. See both sides of the problem. 

10. Avoid tips from from the outside. 

3. Moral.
1. True is false, false is true. 

2. Be truthful.

3. Ignore all the precedents if they're wrong.

4. Aspire to rest more. 

5. Don't mislead yourself.

6. Learn to say "No".

7. Live according to your principles. 

8. Avoid temptations. 

9. Form right habits. 

10. Live by your rules.