Love Is A Many Splendored Thing

I believe above all things in love;

Love that sets us free

Love that lets us fly

Love that empties us of ourselves 

Love that purifies

Love that conquers all

Love that gives hope in all things

Love that makes dreams possible

Love that builds bridges

Love that has no boundaries or borders

Love that binds together

Love that never lets go

Love that washes away pain

Love that cuts through the darkness like a knife

Love for which you would gladly sacrifice your life

Love that wipes away selfishness

Love that changes hearts and souls

Love that overcomes cruelty and hate

Love that erases the past like sand swept from the shore
I believe in the love of my Father; which will never be shaken, will never change and exists in abundant grace, unending towards me. I believe I cannot be plucked from His hand and He will never leave nor forsake me, no matter what happens or the thousand times I mess up.
I believe in the ultimate sacrifice of His Son; of love through death and unto life. I believe He lives in love to intercede for me and is my faithful Friend forever.
I believe in the love of the Body for each other; Even though we often get caught up in the world and act out of our flesh, squabble, let each other down….

I believe our love cannot ultimately be squelched and is always available to us for each other.
I believe in the love of family; I believe in the bonds of parents and children, brothers and sisters…. and even though many have brokenness and pain, love is always possible.
I believe in romantic covenant love; and the closest bond that we can have on this earth for another human being. I believe that all obstacles can be overcome and all baggage left behind with the power of Christ, and that the dream of love can be a reality.
Pursue love first, forget the material things that so quickly pass away. 

Hope in love keeps us alive, sustains us when all else fails. Love still conquers all.

Let love lead and be the lens through which you see the world.