Pump Glutes At Home.

Exercise 1.

Make squats every day at least 10 times. The only condition is not to tear your toes from the floor, otherwise, you wouldn't get a right muscle work. And the result won't be long. Within a month you'll notice how strong your muscles are. 

Exercise 2.

Lie down on your stomach, hands are along the body, the chin sets against the floor. Raise your straight legs by turns as high as you can. You can stop the leg in its highest point for some seconds for more effectiveness.

Exercise 3.

Lie down on your back, bend your knees, hands under the glutes. Raise your pelvis upward according to your possibilities. While doing this, press the muscles with the inner effort. In case this exercise becomes too easy for you, you can stop for some seconds in the highest point when raising and move the knees apart and together as if you clap with them. Repeat until you feel that the muscles hurt. 

In case you overworked and can't move, sit and pace the next day, lie in a warm bath with a sea salt. The muscles will relax and warm up - you will feel a relief. The best is someone would massage you gently. Through 1-2 days your muscles will recover and be ready to fitness exercises. 

Through a month or to you will make sure that to bump muscles at home is not necessary to attend a fitness club, because it's possible to do at home.