Dates Are An Ideal Food, According To The Scientists. Don't You Believe? Just Read The Article!

Dates are considered to be a product that contains all the necessary useful components. Even if you eat only dates and drink water, you will live for several years. 

Dates really have a wide range of useful properties; dates aide in treating insominia, anemia, hypertension, facial nerve paralysis, tuberculosis, and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, they calm coughs; have an expectorant, tonic, and bracing properties. 
Dates act as an expecorant to rid coughs, as well as having tonic and bracing properties. In addition to these benefits, dates also incresase brain activity.
Dates are especially useful for pregnant women-- they stimulate milk production and aide in child bearing and delivery.
Dates also increase your body's ability to resist various infections; they strengthen the heart, kidneys, and liver. In addition, dates maintain acid balance and decrease the risk of tumors and cancers.