Know What Day Is Best To Cut Your Hair

It's better for you to choose the day to get a haircut. If you cut it on a crescent moon, it will grow quicklier, if on a waxing moon, it will grow slowlier, but stronger. It's also important wat day to get a haircut. 

- Monday (Moon). If you want to get rid of sadness and sorrow, chose this day to cut your hair. A lot of negative emotions and unsolved problems will leave you together with cut hair. If you were born on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, it's not advisable for you to get a haircut on Monday. 

- Tuesday (Mars). It's a good day to cut your hair for those who have weak physical health and who are bored with a monotonus way of life, but they are lack in courage, activity and strong-willingness. If you were born on Monday or Friday, it's better to delay a haircut.

-Wednesday (Mercury). If you get a haircut in this day, it will calm down your nervous system. Your logical thinking will activate, your memory will improve and your ability to learning and making contacts with new people will increase. It's a bad day to cut your hair, if you were born on Wednesday. 

-Thursday (Jupiter). A haircut, that was got on Thursday, leads to changes in interpersonal communications and solving problems of a social aspect. If you were born on Wednesday, don't cut your hair on Thursday. 

-Friday (Venus. It's a unique day for cutting your hair because you not only change your hairstyle, but change also your appearance. If you were born on Tuesday, don't get a haircut on that day. 

-Saturday (Saturn. It's a good day to cut your hair, it recover damaged hair and improves your destiny in general, get you rid of karmic debts and sins of your family. 

-Sunday (The Sun. It's undoubtedly a bad day for cutting hair. You can cut your luck from you.