Health Benefits of Apples

The great health benefits of apples are incontestable and proved long ago. It's well-known that an apple decreases the cholesterol level in blood effectively. All its benefits are in pectin and fibers. One medium-sized apple with peel contains 3.4 g of fibers that is 10% of day-norm our body needs. A peeled apple contains 2.6 g of fibres.

Insoluble fibre molecules join to harmful cholesterin and take it out from the body that diminishes vascular occlusion risk and heart attacks. An apple also contains soluble fibres - pectin. In their turn, they connect and take out the cholesterol surpluses from the liver. 

Why are apples so healthy:

Apples have antiphlogistic and bactericidal qualities and due to that they are used for a new disease of gastrointestinal tract infection, chronic and ulcerative colitis and dysentery.

It's recommended for chronic cholecystitis, bad digestion as they have cholagogue, diuretic and light purgative  effects. Apple tea eliminates stress and calms the nervous system.