7 Ways To Make Your Wishes Come True

Do you want your wish come true? Read 7 esoteric rules!

Read, consider carefully and save not to lose.

The Rule №1. You have to write down your wish. 

Write down you wish in a clerkly hand and diligently. It's easy to say, but not to do! In spite of the seeming easiness, it's quite complicated to write down your wish in a proper way. 

The Rule №2. A wish shoulld have time to its fulfilment. 

For example: "By The Summer 2015 I Will Have a Big and Beautiful Cottage". But if you begin to think like "I Will Buy a Cottage", it will be wrong. A wish may fulfil, but at the unknown time. That's why before to write a wish think of a time you want it to be fulfilled. (Within reasonable limits, of course. Only after that, proceed to the 3rd rule of esoterica.

The Rule №3. Write down your wish in a present time. 

In other words, instead of "I Will Buy a House" you should write: I've Bought a House". The most important moment is to imagine that you already possess this house. 

The Rule №4. Prohibit youself to say "No" and other negatives. 

When you start writing down a wish, concentrate on it an describe as in detail as possible. Here the rule №5 follows. 

The Rule №5. So if you want to have a new house, describe it entirely from its porch and the quantity and arrangement of rooms to the place where you will put your favorite vase. 

The Rule №6. Consolidate the written wish with a prayer or a guardian quote. 

The Rule №7. Never get caught in an endless loop at your wish.