Health Benefits Of Your Favorite Spirits

More often than not we come across the unhealthy cons of indulging in alcohol that isn’t wine. But allow us to be the boozy devil’s advocate here and introduce you to some of the eyebrow raising health benefits of your favourite bottled djinns (when taken in moderation, of course).

  1. Vodka

A proven fact about vodka states that if applied on the forehead, chest and legs of a patient suffering from high fever, the body temperature shows a marked difference!



  1. Beer

This golden brewed liquid has more than one health advantage. The high fiber content not only makes digestion smoother but also its silicone content strengthens the bones by increasing the density. Studies reveal that people who consume beer in moderate amounts are less prone to fractures.beer_10


  1. Gin

Apart from the antioxidants, gin is also rich in juniper berries that help maintain smooth wrinkle-free skin by boosting cell regeneration. A lot of people also swear by consuming raisins soaked in gin to prevent inflammation.



  1. Rum

Taking numbers into account, rum contains about 230 calories per 100 grams which means that the spirit contains zero carbs or fats. Consuming rum in moderate amounts can also increase an average human being’s lifespan by 2-5 years.



  1. Whisky

Whisky consists of ‘ellagic acid’, an antioxidant known to prevent DNA from coming in contact with cancer causing compounds like nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The alcohol also protects the body against damage during chemotherapy.