The Do’s and Dont’s of Women’s Suits

Everyone loves a sophisticated, independent looking woman strolling down the street in her corporate suit. But sometimes, it can be confusing in terms of what colors to work with, most flattering cuts, and casual versus formalwear. This guide will help you to find the perfect suit for any occasion in no time.


  1. The Classic, old reliable– This suit can be worn on any occasion, and is a simple, solid colored set that can be both dressed up and down to result in a polished look.   8792024_fpx                                                      
  2. The edgy, spinoff suit– This suit is a modern version of a classic and includes small embellishments such as feathers or studs. Best worn casually or to a fun party…although women working in fashion can get away with it in the office.    chanel-2010-2
  3. The sporty suit– This suit is the most casual of all options and is both comfy yet fashion forward. Although the most laid back of the list, the sporty suit always wows the crowd with a pair of heels and a sassy clutch.    
  4. The Ultra Femme– This suit is girly and flirtatious in every form. Bell bottom pants, crop blazer and a sheer blouse are always a good way to go. Also, a pretty pink or light blue never fails to bring out your glow.  
  5. The Hipster– This suit takes effortlessly cool to a new level. Want to be trendy yet give off the hot mess vibe? The hipster suit will exceed your expectations.   The-Emperor-1688-Fall-Winter-2014-2015-Womens-Clothes-1



  1. DON’T mix two vibrant colors with a suit. It always ends up clashing and ruining the whole aesthetic.
  2. DON’T wear a blazer that’s too tight in the arms and long against the torso, and vice versa.
  3. DON’T add competing accessories to an already busy suit. Save the neon and diamond encrusted stilettos for an all black, or navy suit.
  4. DON’T wear plaid suits and mix and match the patterns. Wear a uniform suit with a simple white or black blouse.
  5. DON’T wear a suit that isn’t hemmed or has sloppy seams. No accessories or blow dry can save this fashion no-no.

Now you’re ready to take your lesson to practice! Remember these rules, and you’ll be showing up like you belong on the catwalk.