Red Grape Facial Mask

Chile is a huge source of grapes, so it's no wonder that Chilean woman have discovered all the fruit has to offer! Red grapes contain tons of antioxidants—the most important being Resveratrol, which is known to:

  • Neutralize free radicals (which often come from air pollutants and age your skin)
  • Improve circulation (which can help purify your body faster and keep your skin rejuvenated)
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties (and may even fight off viruses!)

So, if you've ever heard that red wine is good for you, Resveratrol is why! Ready to renew with red grapes? Make your own version of a Chilean red grape face mask by mixing a cup of mashed red grapes with a couple tablespoons of flour. Pat the paste on and let it sit for fifteen minutes. When you're done, rinse for revitalized, renewed, and brightened skin.