I believe above all things in love;

Love that sets us free

Love that lets us fly

Love that empties us of ourselves 



Whether you’re staying in or out on a date, you have fun with your
partner. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just being together is
enough to have a great time.


How hard could writing a letter be? And that too to a toddler?! I started writing one to Madhav about, wait, 4 days ago, and haven’t finished it yet! Every time I jot a sentence down, it comes out clunky, shallow and I have to scratch it out. Something’s been bothering me lately, and I’m unable to figure out what it is. There’s so much going on around and within me, that I’m finding it difficult to function normally. As I write this, I hear my neighbors fighting; I listen to family members hurling abuses on one another, women screaming and men shouting. I go outside to check what’s happening. I decide to call the police when the sounds of a whip thrashing falls on my ears. But my family restrains me- The man next door is notorious and it’s a family matter and we better mind our own business, they tell me. Apparently, when something like this happened in the past and someone threatened to call the police, it didn’t work out as hoped. My legs still shaking with fear and anger, I return to my notepad.


Friday Love

Give someone you love some Friday Kisses…we got ours from Grandma!

Sociologists regularly make public opinion polls on the topic of relationships between men and women. According to the latest poll on the topic "What things can repell men from women?" in which several tens of men, sociologists pointed out 8 main factors that make women unattractive for men. What are these factors? 

An electric wheelchair that helps people climb stairs is perhaps the most productive Final year project idea that the students have come up with. Salevo is an electric hybrid wheelchair and a segway.

It is very much similar to segway that works on a gyroscopic technology. It consists of two wheels and a an easy model of rotation and swinging when it comes to climbing stairs, it’s the best idea ever !


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#1. “I MISS YOU.”


Telling your partner you miss them through a simple text or email
will make them feel needed, wanted, and appreciated. If you’re home
with the kids while your partner is at work, send them a group family
photo with a message like, “We can’t wait for you to get home!”

3 чашки этого чая в день — и вы потеряете в талии 8 см!

Today we're going to tell you about one way of losing weight that caused a public excitement all over the Internet. We think that its popularity is connected with the fact that it works!

All that we need is tea, cinnamon and a bay leaf. All these three components burn fat and boost metabolism. 

Она приложила к груди капустные листья на всю ночь… Эффект оказался впечатляющим!
Being an irreplaceable ingredient of many dishes, cabbage is a valuable healing product. Our grandmothers knew about the healing properties of the cabbage leaves and used them effectively. 

For those, who didn't know such a miracle cake, I'll explain why it's called like this. All the ingredients are mixed and we have a very liquid pastry, but in the oven it separates into layers in a clever way: so you get a cake with a cream in the middle. Split into layers happens because of the fat ingredients. 
Time for baking: 15 minutes. 

Traditional medicine offers a universal cocktail from various diseases. You should mix in 1 bottle (dark glass is preferable) the following extracts:

* 100 ml of motherwort, valerian, hawthorn, paeonia anomala, 5 g of eucalyptus leaves and 25 ml of pepper mint. 

Thin and tender skin under eyes is liable to mimic wrinkles. That’s why you should pay a special attention to this area of your face.

Дыхательные упражнения для похудения живота
If you want to get rid of fatty deposits in the abdominal region (quickly and effectively), it is recommended that you try breathing exercises. Through these exercises, your body will be saturated with oxygen -- engaging all of your organs, which will increase your metabolism. With your increased metabolism, and exercising, the slimming process will begin. According to experts, breathing exercises are one of the easiest (also pleasant and fast) ways to get rid of belly fat.

To achieve the desirable result you should do these exercises 5-10 times. While doing them, breathe evenly and deeply.

1. Hands on your nape, elbows to the sides, stand on your tiptoes and start to move slowly making small steps, keep your legs straight. 

1. Oatmeal porridge with bilberries and almond. It's a perfect beginning of the day if we speak about balanced diet. Add unfrozen bilberries, grated almond, cinnamon and some honey to the porridge. These products are rich in nutritious elements, protein and cellulose.