Lots of people are convinced by their own experience that salt possesses healing qualities especially while curing colds. 

1. quinsy

- take 1 teaspoon of salt and dissolve it in 1 glass of warm water. Gargle several times a day.

- mix 1 glass of warm water, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 4 drops of iodine solution. Use this mixture to instill in nose and pour out through a mouth, that is to clean out the nasopharynx. 


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These heart-healthy fats help raise your healthy HDL cholesterol levels and reduce overall inflammation. Great sources include olive oil, almonds, and avocado.



Calcium pyruvate is a substance that occurs naturally and is made in your body during digestion and metabolism. This nutrient’s main role is to make energy and fuel your cells.

Apple body types are at greater risk than pear body types.

An apple-shaped person is someone who holds a large amount of fat in the abdomen, has a large waist, and has generally slimmer legs and arms. If you’re an apple-shaped person, you tend to have a large amount of visceral fat, increasing your risk for heart disease.


This mild beverage is great for helping shrink your waistline as well as for decreasing inflammation. The flavonoids in this tea have natural anti-inflammatory properties. And the compound EGCG in green tea has been shown to help reduce body fat.


Last week ushered in the first day of fall. Don’t you just love this time of year? The crisp air outside brings us harvest, football, hayrides, bonfires, sweaters, and soup pots. Soup season has officially started, and there is nothing more comforting than a big ol' pot of soup simmering on the stove, or coming home to a full crock-pot ready and waiting to be devoured.

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I’m like a T-Rex; big, powerful legs and itty-bitty, useless arms. I’m overweight, and not particularly athletic. There’s no way I could pole-dance! Right?

There is always something we don't know about. I asked a doctor, why many people have frequent urination at night.

My cardiologist answered that gravity holds water in the lower part of your body while you're in a vertical position so during a day your feet swell. When you lie down and the lower part of your body (legs etc.) is on the same level with kidneys, it makes kidneys remove water because it's easier to do in such position. And it's connected with the following statement.

It is very easy to gain weight, but extremely taxing to lose it. When you are overweight, you risk serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure as well as some cancer forms.


Eating really is fun, isn't it? It is probably the most agreed upon expression of culture and community around the world. No matter where you go or what you celebrate, food is almost always the center peg around which everything else revolves.

8 things to do when you're bored instead of eat

Диета Анджелины Джоли

Angelina Jolie's diet plan presupposes more rich nutrition with a variety of products. Such method of nutrition belongs to low-fat ones, because the quantity of fats that get into your body with food is limited. Another obligatory condition for losing weight on this diet plan is an active way of life: if you keep all the rules, you will lose 4-5 kg in a month without any special efforts. 

Many inhabitants go on diets to expend weight. It is something that number one have in contemplation of do when you saturnalia carry a few plus pounds on your team. Before you trick on a diet, you need to prepare in contemplation of it next to doing a few things first to servantry you vary your chances of being successful on yourself.


How to eat less is easier than you may think. When I taught a class in the psychology of eating for the weight reduction program, we made a few easy adjustments that actually worked to change habits. Changing habits can occur when new behaviors are practiced and supported over time./sites/default/files/ladies-lifestyle/5-11/bc019f63e838.jpg

i shouldn’t even be saying child; these are things you should never say to ANYONE.

1. you aren’t really hungry

people KNOW when they’re hungry ok. discounting and putting aside one of the most primal human NEEDS, and telling someone that their need is fake and doesn’t exist, is really hurtful– this can cause eating disorders such as anorexia and  bulimia. i have a mom who always tells me that im not really feeling hunger and this has led to some really toxic mindsets; i’m always second-guessing myself, and sometimes i am really, really hungry (i.e, i have not eaten for over 24h) and i could still be feeling really fat and gluttonous if i tried to make myself eat something. it’s evolved into something like borderline anorexia and for the sake of everyone, please dont do this to ANYONE.


How can one remove belly creases with the help of the cosmetics? A lot of different methods isn't panacea, but they will justify themselves as the additional components. Useful cosmetics for your belly skin after weigh loss are those that contain collagen. Moisturizers with horse chestnut concentrate, brown algae and mint increase skin tone.