Reasons I Love Being a Mom

Blaire Dancing with Mom

Never in a million years did I think being a mom could redefine who I was. Never would I forget what my pre-mommy life was like. Yes, being a mom means I means I have to put someone else’s needs before your own. Yes, being a mom means I’m busier, more tired and more stressed than I have ever been in my life. But I’m also happier and more content than I ever thought possible. But could it redefine everything that makes me me? I didn’t think so. But the answer is yes. Yes it did.


It Makes Me Want to Be a Better Person.
If I had to choose the one reason I love being a mom, I could sum it up by saying It Makes Me a Better Person. Seriously. There are so many feelings you haven’t experienced until you become a mom. Life isn’t just about you anymore. That’s groundbreaking. That’s something you really don’t comprehend until you’re holding your helpless, tiny piece of you that is now out in this crazy world. It’s your job to care for, protect and raise this precious little human. That’s intimidating! Now that my daughter is almost two, I find her copying my husband and I all. the. time. It’s adorable. Not only is it adorable, it’s eye opening. Whether it’s taking the curse words out of your vocabulary to keep your toddler’s mouth clean, spending time with your family giving back, to those in need or making it to mass every Sunday… There are countless ways I find myself trying to better who I am to ensure my daughter grows up to be a faithful, helpful, caring and loving person. 

It Showed Me I AM Strong.
Nothing says strong like pregnancy and child birth. It takes a strong person to carry on with every day life while you’re growing a human inside of you. From enduring 24/7 nausea for months, to carrying around extra weight that drains your body physically. And while I didn’t have a natural childbirth (I had a scheduled C Section) that doesn’t make it any less traumatic on your body. Recovering from a C Section is a long, painful process. Between healing from childbirth, with little sleep, learning to nurse and the reality of it’s not just about you anymore, you learn how truly strong you are. On the nights when you’ve gotten no sleep, breastfeeding is your worst enemy and your baby is crying for no reason, this strength will get you through. Years later, when your toddler is losing her shit mind in the middle of Target, this strength will get you through. God only knows how much you’ll need this strength when your kiddo becomes an angsty teenager. It’s funny, I guess you could call this mama strength unconditional love.

Life Has Slowed Down. 
Motherhood has given me an excuse to put my family’s needs first. Before I got pregnant I felt like I always had to be out doing something. Becoming a mom has made me realize how happy I am to just spend time at home. Instead of spontaneous Saturday night date nights, we spend most of our Saturdays here on our couch. (Yay, bedtime routines!) or if we’re feeling really crazy, we get together with our other parent friends. And, while losing your ability to be spontaneous may feel anything but freeing, I love not spending my weekends out until 2AM. Swim lessons and park dates have replaced date nights and endless mimosa brunches… and I’m not even mad about it. Actually, I couldn’t be happier.