Optimize Spare Time with These 10 Hacks

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Anyone can be a time management master, but imagine the ability to ameliorate cancelled meetings, clients, or events. You have a busy life and those spare moments to do you should feel like winning the lottery. The best exhortation isn’t to “get busy” in those moments of spare time, instead be mindful and optimize this time. After studying many highly successful people we have gathered 10 ways to optimize spare time.


 1. Go for a walk.

Daily walks or exercise are critical to your health, energy, and mental clarity. Now this doesn’t need to be an intense workout but ensure 6-days per week you have some form of activity in your schedule. Here are a few names of famous successful people who were known to walk vigorously every day: Aristotle, Charles Dickens, Henry David Thoreau, Beethoven.


2. Strategically allocate the rest of your week.

Caught a quick break at the office and want to optimize spare time? Go through your schedule for the rest of week and have boundaries. As many of have insufficient funds in our schedule for activities like exercise, sleep, and relationships. Allocating time to your personal life overall will make you happier.


3. Take a class and learn something new.

Education shouldn’t be stopped after grade school or college and shouldn’t be restricted to institutions. Incorporating new skills for your resume or learning new aspects about the world that surrounds you is key. A few options are looking for a free course around town, try an online course, or attend a local gathering.


4. Go network.

The best networking events happen outside of corporate hours. Try using an app like Meet up to find events you can attend and step outside your comfort zone. Its great to meet new people and expand your network.


5. Read a book.

Never stop reading. Reading improves vocabulary, semantic comprehension, communication skills, and mental sharpness. Enough said.


6. Generate/brainstorm new ideas.

Recently listening to a Tim Ferris podcast, the magic of mindfulness: complain less, appreciate more, and live a better life. There were many great tips to optimize your life in this but in the following podcast he mentions brainstorming with BJ Novak. They talk about when creating television shows there would be a no-holds-bar brainstorming session where nothing was disregarded. Create a list for a personal and business and come up with 5 – 10 ideas for each. You’ll be guaranteed to find something be


7. Clear Desk and Email.

Eliminate the clutter, trash it, file it, put it in its place. This is oddly satisfying and immediately increases productivity. Completely empty your email inbox as we tend to miss, push back, or even skip things that can be important. BananaTag is a local company we support to help you with your gmail account.


8. Disconnect electronics.

Studies about meditation and taking 10 deep breaths at your desk are rapidly increasing in popularity. 84% of cell phone users claim they count not go a single day with our their device (source). 67% of cell phone owners check their phone for messages, alerts, or calls — even when it isn’t ringing (source).


9. Prepare.

Is a monthly review coming up? Is your biggest client coming in? Do you have an important deadline coming up? You know these questions, there is something you can prepare for and why not use the extra spare time to get ready.


10. Set goals.

Reprioritizing on a regular basis allows you keep trajectory. It is easy to lose focus and resetting and ensuring you are on track is a great thing to do in your spare time. Living without goals is temporarily fun for a short period of time, so ensure you stay focused and are steering your ship in the right direction.

Those who are leaders, visionaries, game changers, and get things done are always on top of their game. Using these tactics to optimize spare time will enable you to increase productivity and lead to happier life.