Certain People from Countries Like China, Korea, and Vietnam Eat Dogs. Why?

It’s both cultural and personal.


In Portugal it’s culturally acceptable to eat horsemeat and snails just as in France: escargot. I (a Portuguese) would never eat horsemeat (or dogmeat for that matter) -- my personal attitude. Most Brazilians or Americans wouldn’t ever be caught eating snails -- I think them delicious, when seasoned and cooked right, accompanied with a fine cold beer.

French love frog legs (cuisses de grenouilles) and they are also a treat of Cantonese cuisine. Most Portuguese (not to speak of most Brazilian or most Americans) would run away (cultural norm) -- not me (personal taste: they‘re exquisite).

Most Europeans/Americans would never eat some dishes from Thai cuisine like deep-fried insects up north. That’s cultural. To me, most are not much different from seasoned deep-fried prawns. That’s my personal take.

Like any Christian acculturated boy I occasionally eat pork, unlike Jews or Muslims. Any Brazilian (or American or European) loves cattle “churrasco” (barbeque). I wonder what an Hindu might think of that (cultural/religious).

Just like Japan, Portugal is a fishermen’s country, so we also love squid and octopus. Most Europeans take a lukewarm approach, most Brazilians would puke. I’ve seen Americans enjoying it, but they are a minority -- personal choice?

One has to be tolerant to live in this world.