7 Honest Travel Tips To Get You Through The Crazy Holidays

Twenty20 / EmilyNinaPhoto

1. Be Realistic About How Lazy You Are

Are you really going to wear heels? Are you really going to go to the gym? Probably not. So, don’t pack heels and gym clothes. They will just silently mock you from your suitcase. Who goes to the gym on Christmas anyways?!

2. Carry On Luggage, If Possible

Anytime I’ve ever checked a bag, it has ended up looking like it was in a bar fight. If you don’t want airport workers practicing parkour with your luggage (or whatever they do), carry on your bag.

3. Don’t Be A Hot Mess At Security

Unless you are a literal hermit crab, you’ve been through security before. So, dear god, do not stand there confused while you hold up a line of agitated humans. Take off your shoes, don’t carry liquids, and don’t even bring spreadable things like peanut butter (I’ve learned that one the hard way).

4. Bring Hand Sanitizer

You don’t want to catch whatever version of the Black Plague is going around the airport. Plus, nobody wants to kiss the phlegmy mess at the New Year’s Eve party.

5. Wear Headphones On The Plane

Headphones are essential for tuning out babies who are crying hysterically or when you have one of those seatmates who decides they want to tell you their life story. Headphones are the international sign for “DON’T TALK TO ME”. Very handy.

6. Don’t Be Disgusting

You’d think this was a no-brainer…you’d think. Wear deodorant. If you’ve got stinky toe jam, don’t take off your shoes. Don’t eat offensively smelly foods. Don’t be that guy.

7. Be Nice

Though it sounds contrary to my previous points, don’t be a holiday Grinch! Be respectful to everyone and have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!