77 Super Fun Date Ideas

 77 Super fun date ideas by StayAtHomeSusie.com

1. Make chocolate covered strawberries

2. Paris night: get a baguette, French wine, and cheese!

3. Read your favorite books to one another

4. Bake cookies together

5. Watch the sunrise, then make breakfast together

6. Attend a local soccer game

7. Watch an entire season of your fav TV show

8. Go for a long drive

9. Planetarium

10. Art gallery

11. Play board games

12. Movie

13. Visit garage sales

14. Volunteer for a homeless shelter

15. Go dancing

16. Go to the driving range

17. Build a snowman

18. Ride go-carts

19. Rent a movie

20. Have a carpet picnic

21. Go to an arcade

22. Play Frisbee

23. Go kayaking

24. Go ice skating

25. Visit the pumpkin farm

26. Go to a forest preserve

27. Go to a ballet performance

28. Visit a place listed in an entertainment book

29. Bike riding

30. Study social media marketing

31. Bowling

32. Haunted house

33. Out for coffee

34. Visit a flea market

35. Play bingo

36. Go to an opera

37. Swing by a bookstore

38. Visit another city

39. Go hear jazz or reggae

40. See an NBA game

41. Play in the batting cages

42. Vegas anyone, lol?

43. Piano bar

44. Visit a nursing home and hand out flowers to everyone

45. Have lunch at a trendy new restaurant

46. Grab a fish fry

47. Grab a pint at an Irish pub

48. Chinese food and DVDs – the perfect mix

49. Attend a poetry reading

50. Attend an author reading from their latest fiction work

51. Go antiquing

52. Go out for drinks

53. Visit a winery

54. Attend a painting class

55. Visit an animal shelter – you may come home with a new pet

56. Go for a carriage ride

57. Visit the tourist spots in your hometown

58. Take a trip to the hobby store – pick out a project to work on for the afternoon

59. Take a walk – around a lake, in the moonlight, by the river, on the beach

60. Go to a festival

62. Create a scrapbook

61. Go to a shrimp boil

63. Attend a matinee movie

64. Visit the zoo

65. Go see a local band

66. Have lunch at a church festival

67. Go camping

68. Go hiking

69. Go rock climbing

70. Play croquet

71. Attend a farmer’s market

72. Have dinner at a new place

73. Try out a new cuisine

75. Take part in a community theater performance

74. Go strawberry picking or visit an apple orchard

76. Attend a live, outdoor music night in your town

77. Go see fireworks