7 of the Best Drinks for Your Body

1. water: detoxifies your body, maintain the work of your stomach, influences your vessels and joints in a positive way. 

2. pomegranate juice: normalizes the work of your heart and vessels, is useful for hypertension and anemia. 

3. mint tea: stimulates the gastric acid production, calms and lowers blood pressure, helps to struggle with insomnia.

4. kefir: it's not a secret that kefir normalizes digestion.

5. apple juice: have a good impact on the work of liver, kidneys and urinary bladder. 

6. cranberry drink: due to the high concentration of vitamin C, it boosts the immune system and is also a perfect anti-fever remedy. 

7. camomile tea: it has antibacterial qualities and also calms and relaxes nerves.