A 30-Second Tutorial on Inner Peace - Online

A quiet place in nature

Where's your quiet place?

In the quiet place, there are no caps, no Facebook notifications, no emails. There are no distractions at all - just calming music, gentle guidance, and a countdown to 30 seconds of relaxation.

The quiet place project presents a simple, fun way to find some peace and quiet within the realms of the internet, constant communication and modern technology. With relaxing instrumental music in the background and a cute set of instructions, the simple website guides you to a 30-second break from all the chatter - with a particular emphasis on social media and cellphones. The countdown begins and you have no choice but to enjoy your half-minute of serenity.

Just next door to the quiet place, the thoughts room gives you a space to further clear your mind by writing. As you type your heart out into the thoughts box, the words gently fall away, disappearing and fading into the background of a night’s sky. Inner peace with the click of a button.