25,000 Reasons To Have Sex Every Day


Sex is good for you. Regular sex is like walking, like breathing: absolutely essential. Like coffee every morning and a glass of red wine at night, sex every day will make you look younger, feel younger, sleep better, even smell better. Sex relieves stress, burns calories, makes your heart fly like a bird and lowers the risk of heart attack.

I promised with the title 25,000 reasons to have sex every day – so, onwards and upwards: regular sex increases the antibody immunoglobulin, an immune-booster better than fresh orange-juice for fighting off colds, flu, fever, sore throats and most other minor irritants.

Missed the train? Late for an important meeting? Stressed to the heavens? Phone up, apologise, tell them you’ll be late and read my blog while you have a coffee. A daily session between-the-sheets not only lowers stress, it increases the ability to combat stress by producing endorphins that calm ragged nerves and make the blue in the sky look brighter.

Orgasms make us feel one with the universe. As you gasp oh yes, oh yesssss, the hormone oxytocin multiplies five fold and acts as a natural pain killer that reduces lower back pain, cures migraine, muscle fatigue and that all-over lethargy that comes from watching too much television. Get up from the sofa, take your clothes off, switch the TV off and just do it. It is believed that oxytocin inspires trust, intimacy and is a major contributor to general happiness. Research results differ, but I believe in being positive.

The Big O also releases dehydroepiandrosterone, an appropriately long word as the hormone triggers longevity. The hormone also improves immunity, repairs tissue and keeps skin healthy.

Men who chalk up at least two orgasms a week live longer than their limp buddies because the workout increases the heart rate and pumps fresh blood to the organs and cells. Blood is constantly being used up and regenerated. Exercise creates fresh blood and the toxins that make you feel weary are expelled with the tired blood. Sex makes you build up a sweat and sweat also rids the body of toxins, it’s healthy and, well, sort of sexy, too.

The female hormone oestrogen is a natural perfume that makes you smell desirable and protects against heart disease. It’s that scent that attracts the male and makes their macho hormone testosterone surge, increasing passion, strengthening muscles and bones; it lowers cholesterol and is good for their hearts (if they have one).

Sex Every Day Superyoung

Our ancestors did not live as long as we do today, they didn’t have the medicine, the science, the Nike trainers. Lacking other forms of amusement, on those long nights wrapped in furs in fire-lit caves they must have stayed strong having sex every day. Did they follow the missionary position? I don’t think so. Without knowing it, our shaggy ancestors probably practised chakravakasana: girls on hands and knees, spine bowed, bottom out in such a way that you can roll your backbone, breathing in and out, a motion that makes the body more supple, builds abdominal strength and is ideal for doggy fashion and anal sex.

You look younger having sex every day? According to David Weeks, who did 18 years exhaustive research before publishing his book Secrets of the Superyoung, in tandem with keeping your brain active and eating good stuff, sex holds back the hands of the clock. Is the good doctor right? Is it true? Does it matter?

Researchers have shown that regular sex lessens the pains of arthritis, reduces your chances of developing prostate cancer, helps bowel function, bladder control and erectile dysfunction. That’s right. Sex makes the blood warm and race, reaching those peripheral points that need a hot shot of plasma. Sex regulates menstrual cycles, hormones, and increases the supply of oxygen. A bountiful sex life makes semen healthier, a dream come true for those who want to have babies, and what a way to get there.

After sex you sleep liked a church angel. Total rest makes you feel more energetic and more inclined to go to the gym or the pool or the park for a fast walk next day, which makes you healthier, slimmer and ready for more bed action – continuing the cycle. Sex burns 200 calories an hour – about two chocolate cookies, so make love, don’t eat the cookies and that’s 400 calories and a leaner sexier you.

25,000 Reasons To Have Sex Every Day? We are programmed to recreate ourselves. It is embedded in our genes. There are (more or less) 25,000 human protein-coding genes and what those genes crave is sex, all 25,000 of them.

Sex life dull? Need some inspiration? Chloe to the rescue. Leave your reasons for having sex every day in the COMMENT BOX (no number puzzles!). Need more info? Out there on the web there are 25,000 reasons why sex is good for you – and I’d like to add one more: it’s fun.