15 Creepy Vintage Valentine's Day Cards To Horrify The One You Love

They don't make Valentines like they used to...

1. Start by being honest with your feelings.

2. Love is no accident.

3. Show them you have a cooking side.

4. But also a vengeful one.

5. Make their heart race.

6. When yes means yes and no also means yes.

7. Show them that they don't really have a choice.

8. Don't be afraid to go full blown psycho.

9. Show them you have the best intentions.

10. Don’t be coy.

11. Love goes really well with politics.

12. A little subtlety can go a long way.

13. A little emotional blackmail can also go a long way.

14. When in doubt use reverse psychology.

15. Don't be afraid to get downright creepy.