How-To: Half-Up Fishtail Braid

Give that side braid the night off, and add a little twist to your look with the Half-Up Fishtail Braid! With soft waves, or even full curls, this braided ‘do is absolutely swoon-worthy! Need this look in your life? We’ve outlined each step for you below!


1. Start with wavy hair, brushed straight back.

2. Take the front section of one side and gently twist back.

3. Repeat previous step with an even section from the opposite side.

4. Next, use a clip to hold the twists together and in place.

5. Create an ‘X’ with two small pieces as shown.

6. Start the fishtail by crisscrossing each section over the other.

7. Add small pieces, as you would with a french braid, as you continue downward.

8. Next, remove the clip and finish braiding all the way to the ends.

9. Starting at the top of the braid, carefully loosen and widen for a messy look.

10. Complete this cute hairstyle with a little hairspray!

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