Your Lip Shape Personality. Who are You - a Modest Woman or a Boss?

Lip shape can characterize a temper and personality of a woman. Psychologists and physiognomists stated the connection between the lip shape and personality of a woman. 

Moreover, lip shape can also tell us about the preferences of a woman towards men. 

Test and know about yourself more! 
Choose those lips, that are the most similar to yours and read what it means. 



1) thick and full lips. Such shape says about initiative, hot-tempered, capricious woman. If she wants something, she'll get it certainly. 

2) thick but small lips. The owner of such lips is a romantic person. She has feelings and emotions on the first place. She lives not for benefits, but listens to her inner feelings when decides something. 

3) upper lip is bigger. This woman is a real boss. She is whole-hearted and she knows what she wants from life. She undertakes for any business with all carefulness and responsibility. She likes to carry everything through. 

4) lower lip is bigger. It's an extraordinary person who knows how to stress her identity.

5) thin and wide lips. It's a realist. She isn't up in the clouds, but states certain goals and always achieves them. She likes planning of everything. Her practical brain and analytical reasoning and foresight help to achieve success in career. 

6) thin and small lips. This woman is energetic, positive and adventurous. She adores travelling and likes to get positive emotions. She is self-assured and isn't afraid of difficulties.