What We Learn From Running And Time

Curtis Mac Newton

Running is an activity, time is a resource. Our most valuable one. Remove money; it doesn’t come close. Although I would say water is important, too. But time is something we all must hold close. Money can be acquired. Same with water. Time? No. Once you use it, gone. It has been removed. Holding on to an idea that you can gain more of it is a tragedy really.

When running, time is right there, pushing, taunting, driving, and defining you. The less time you use on your run, the better you did. As you run more, your time will be reduced (at least that is how it is supposed to work).

What you do in your time running is what is key. Your thoughts move along with your legs, with no real map, method, or course. It is the ultimate race. Take the time to ensure the time you spend running is defined and means something. Don’t just plug in and think about the beach in the Caribbean. Place yourself wherever your are (the trail, the road, the treadmill) and feel the time being spent. That is when you realize the value, how things like money, t-shirts, shoes, and plastic bags pale in comparison to it. It being time.

On the next run, release into that mindset. Feel time move on into the past. Be able to appreciate how you spent it.