What happens if we stop eating sugar?

It's impossible to refuse from sweets at all: sugar is a component of so much goods that we'll need to make up a special diet and only a few people would keep it. 

Specialists appeal to limit a sugar consumption so that to get from it not more than 55% of all the calories per day. We can assure you it's possible. For this purpose you should exclude sugar and sweet drinks from your ration, fizzy water and pastries. And what will happen to you, you'll get to know below. 

1. You will be more energetic and healthy.

Sugar is a source of glucose that is necessary for energy compensation. If there is a low level of sugar in blood, a person feels languor, becomes slow and can faint. But a high level of sugar in blood is dangerous as well. Almost everyone who has a sweet tooth has this problem. It may cause serious damages in metabolism together with the toxic substances excretion that leads to a body intoxication and a sudden fall of effectiveness at working. 

2. Your weight will normalize.

3. The work of your digestion will improve.

4. You'll lose the desire to eat something sweet. 

5. You will know the real taste of products. 

Have you ever tried to refuse from sugar?