Top 3 Simplest Cake Creams

1. Classic custard


50ml milk

20g sugar

1 tsp vanilla

50g flour

4 eggs.


Pound the yolks with sugar, vanilla and flour to a homogenous mass. Bring milk to just below boiling point. Pour milk to the egg mass and stir carefully. Heat the mixture until the custard is thickened.

2. All-purpose buttercream


1 stick of butter

4 eggs

250g sugar

100g sugar powder

A pinch of vanilla (if you wish)


Take a pan with a thick bottom. It should be dry. Break 4 eggs into it. Stir them with sugar. Place over the heat.  Stir constantly and don’t leave the stove. Heat until the cream is thickened. Then take off the heat and place to the table. Stir and wait when the mass cools. Whisk butter with sugar powder. Add egg mass and a pinch of vanilla. The cream is ready. Keep it in a fridge. Spread on only cool cake layers.

3. Condensed milk and egg cream


200g soft butter

100g condensed milk

2 egg yolks

vanilla or liqueur.


Whisk soft butter and condensed milk. Add egg yolks to milk mixture, whisking constantly.

Add vanilla or liqueur other spice for flavor.