Simple relationship rules you should remember

1. Every person you meet during your course of life isn't met in vain. Every day we meet new people and every meeting gives us something important afterwards. Someone tries us, someone uses and gives a lesson, someone helps to know new skills and someone makes us better - and it' the most valuable thing.

2. In relationships you receive what you give. Don't hope that giving only whims, accusations and offences you'll get smiles, hugs and love confessions. If you want mutual understanding, try to understand other person at first. Everything returns - this is a simple truth that works in any times. 

3. Don't struggle for a place in someone's life. Love cannot be forced - many people forget this simple and very wise truth. Never try to retake a place in some person's life. Because you can't know exactly if he wants it.

4. All people change and it's normal. Demands, thoughts and even beliefs are changing through the time. So if someone says that you have changed, don't be upset and don't seek for your defects. Maybe these changes, on the contrary, do your good. There is nothing bad your interests and your friend's interests can differ and your communication can come to naught. It's better to send congratulation cards to each other and keep warm memories than to squeeze out something that has disappeared from your relationships. Don't accumulate irritation inside yourself. Be sincere.