Every Girl Should Know This. The Secrets of Beauty

Burdock oil for hair growth. 

Apricot oil for body massage and nail nourishment.

Hot pepper tincture for hair-growth masks.

Lavender  etheric oil - put several drops into your hair conditioner and you hair won't get dirty for a long time. 

Sea salt - for nail and body baths. 

Oat germ oil - for dry skin nourishing.

Vitamins E in capsules - for dry lip skin and for eyelids. 

Apple vinegar -for legs cellulite and spider veins: rub your legs moving from the knee to the hip after the shower every evening. Within 2 weeks spider veins should brighten. There won't be any inflammations, only a specific smell. 

Tea tree etheric oil - for acne.

Blue clay - for body and face masks. 

Walnut oil - for wrinkles and bags under eyes. 

Glycerin - for soft hands skin: 1 part of glycerin and 1 part of 6% vinegar - a mask for hard skin on feet. 

Almonds oil - grease the skin to prevent scalds.

Oily vitamin E, lemon juice, dimexidum - take 2 teaspoons of every ingredient and mix. Then apply on a head and cover with polyethylene pack for 1 hour for hair growth. 

Mint oil - apply on temples before the sleeping - for insomnia.