See The Beauty In You, And You Will See Beauty In The World

Confusion often digs it’s pesky little claws into our minds and just doesn’t want to let go! Breathe … take a deep, slow breath. Fill your lungs to their fullest capacity and then slowly release, imagining the toxins that have nestled in the lower portion of your lungs finally expelling, being replaced by fresh air.

Release that which has instead of helping you, has begun depleting you. The relations, the circumstances … whatever it is, if it is not helping you to grow and expand as your lungs do, to expel the poison, release it.

Choice is yours. Embrace your power and build the experiences you wish to have in your life. Sometimes we must go into our quiet places and sit for awhile to find what it is that will most benefit us. Take time to get in touch with your deepest self. It is well worth it.

It seems like such a simple question, obvious too. Even as it does, ask yourself periodically throughout the day, “Am I breathing?” and focus on the inhale and exhale, if only for a few breaths.

As a whole, we must do as a small child stated, and calm our high selves down. We must be kind to each other, we must be kind to ourselves. When you catch yourself negative self-talking, stop, and affirm something about yourself that is fantastic! We know it exists.

Begin to see the beauty in you, and you will begin to see the beauty in the world.