Onion Treats These Diseases Better Than Pills.

Why do we go to the pharmacy every time instead of looking inyo our vegetable drawers? It's up to you whether to believe or not, but for centuries people used onion as a remedy for almost every kind in disease.

So what does an onion contain?

This pungent vegetable is rich in sulfur that gives it outstanding antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. Sulfur makes it to be an ideal tool for homoeopathic treatment. 

1. It calms cough.

Befor going to the chemistry and spending money on cough syrup, why don't you create a homemade syrup of your own?Take 1 clove of red onion, 1/2 clove of garlic, 1/2 cup of white sugar and 1/2 brown sugar. Blender all the ingredients and pour with a cup of honey. Cover the mixture and put into the fridge for 8-12 hours. After that you can drink it - 1 teaspoon or tablespoon at a time. It has a very specific taste but it helps immediately. 

2. Relieve from nausea

In case you feel nausea and you have an onion in your fridge, go to the kitchen immediately. Take out a clove of onion, divide it into 2 parts and apply each part to the underarms. Nausea will pass through. 

3. Stop bleeding

In case you made a skin cut and don't know what to do, apply a gauze with several pieces of onion to this part. Blood will stop. If you repeat this procedure regularly, the wound will heal more quickly.