Know Before You Go!


As a woman I know how much we love to go to the salon and get our nails done. There is nothing more wonderful than leaving that salon feeling sexy, pampered and classy.

During the week I went to pamper myself and on my shopping trip came across a nail salon, it being later on in the evening it was the only one open and I just went in and got my nails done. They weren’t as long as I liked but they were lovely and red and I was happy… For the time being.

The next day I noticed that some of my fingers were a little bit blistered, but I thought it was maybe because of filing the nail and my skin was filed a little bit too. Yet as the day continued my fingers really started to itch and they all became a bit swollen. I also realised that on of the nails my skin was stuck to the nail, so I pushed it off and noticed that my actual nail had come away from the nail bed! At this point I went into complete panic mode haha. I had to pay more money and get them removed. What I saw when they came off was just tragic, all the tops of my fingers were blistered, the one nail I mentioned was all red, sore and disgusting. Now I’m stuck with horrible looking nails until they’ve healed.

My only conclusion is that I had an allergic reaction to whatever they used on my nails, however, I’ve had my nails done before and that had never happened to me, so I have no idea if it’d happen again. I don’t think I’ll be getting my nails done for a long time though and I’m going to just let my natural nails heal and look beautiful by themselves.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that it’s great to go and get your nails done, but please go to a place that you know is professional and has great reviews! Otherwise you could end up with terrible, disgusting nails like mine!