Anise - a Spice That Keeps a Woman's Beauty

As a spice, anise was known already in Kievan Rus. We know anise also as a spice, as well as fennel, sesame and cinnamon. But already Pliny the Elder wrote that anise renews the body so it's the matter of interest of many women.

Anise fruit contain vitamin C, an essential oil, fat oil, proteins, sugars and other useful substances. 
Already in the ancient times it was known that anise has healing properties.

- Hippocrates, for example, cured the diseases of the digestion with anise. 
- Traditional medicine advises feeding mothers to drink anise decoctions. 
- Anise helps for depressions and improves the intellectual activity. 
- Due to anise contains essential oils, it has antiseptic and expectorative qualities. It allows to use it for cough, bronchitis and other colds. 
- Anise fruit are widely used in pharmaceutical industry.
- Anise is also used in such industries as bakery, confectionary, alcoholic. It's also added to jams. 

You can make anise decoction yourself, just buy anise seeds in a pharmacy. Take 4 teaspoons of ground anise seeds and pour them with 2 glasses of hot water. Draw the mixture for 1 hour in a thermos bottle. Filter, take in 1/2 or 1/3 glass 3-4 times a day.

The main thing is anise helps to keep a woman' beauty.