60s Styles for Today

The 60s were the peak of fashion in many cases. Not only was it the time of the mod fashion revolution (I’m pretty sure it was a revolution, because it still influences so much of our current fashion), but it also centered around some of the most attainable styles and looks to this day. Sure the 70s, 80s, and 90s are still considered “retro” and are often exaggerated to be costume-y, but they aren’t nearly as iconic as the 60s Parisian influence and mod glam. And I’m not just talking about clothes; the hair and makeup were equally as important to bring the whole look together.

Hair in the 60s could go a few different ways, but it was important to have incredible volume without looking clownish. The most iconic was the bumped up hair, just short of a beehive, with a ribbon tied around a la Bridget Bardot. The looks of Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, the adorable Audrey Hepburn, and Sophia Loren were close behind. Whether their hair was big and teased, slicked back and proper, or pulled into the sweetest ponytail, the hair of the 60s was nothing to joke about.



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Today, makeup is the finishing touch to any high fashion look. But in the 60s, high fashion was actually wearable on a daily basis, and not just reserved for the runway. Our loved and iconic cat eye really blew up in the 60s, as well as long and defined Twiggy lashes. The 60s focused on big doe eyes and small nude or slightly rosy lips, although it was still common to see red lips out and about.


Clothes varied from year to year, but still maintained that Parisian effortlessness and mod spin on things. What isn’t there to love about these outfits?!



Written By: Tessa Kaplan