50 Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

50 Personal questions to ask a Girl

When you start dating someone, you really want to know them better and the only way to do that is by asking them some personal questions. However, the unpredictability and sensitivity with which girls are usually associated makes it a little difficult for a guy to let go of his inhibitions and ask personal questions to establish a more intimate bond. But fear not. As sensitive and annoyed as girls can be when someone randomly asks them personal questions, they are more than willing to answer some for a guy they like once they get acquainted with them and determine their feelings because they also understand the intricate role such questions play in the process of creating a more meaningful relationship with someone. Some examples of such questions are:

1. If there is one thing you could improve or change about yourself, what would you choose and why?

2. When you were a little girl, did you think about winning beauty pageants or becoming famous after growing up?

3. Were you ever addicted to something? Have you been able to get rid of it yet?

4. How important would you consider physical intimacy to be in a relationship?

5. What are the first three things that come to your mind when I say the word ‘love’?

6. Would you call yourself lazy?

7. I am sure a lot of guys have tried to hit on you. What set me apart from everyone else who was trying to get your attention?

8. Name the one song you have listened to repeatedly and idolized while growing up?

9. Have you ever been a naughty kid? If yes, then have you been caught doing something illegal or destructive?

10. Who was the first guy you had a crush on? Are you still in touch with him?

11. How do you spend an average weekend? Do you stay at home and watch TV or do you make it a point to hit a couple of clubs?

12. What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you?

13. Why did your first relationship end? Are you still in touch with that guy?

14. Do you like staying in a relationship or do you prefer to keep things casual?

15. Do you enjoy dancing?

16. Have you ever been overtly obsessed with something? If yes, then what is that thing?

17. Would you say you are a possessive person by nature? If yes, then would you like me to be possessive about you?

18. What is the one thing that always brings a smile on your face?

19. We all have our very own ways of relaxing and de-stressing. What is yours?

20. What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

21. Given all that the society has brought out in today’s youth, is there something you feel particularly strongly for?

22. You are a pretty girl so I am sure people have tried to grab your attention but what is the craziest, the cheesiest and the dirtiest pick up line someone has ever used on you?

23. What is your favorite color?

24. Have you ever been through something freaky like a spooky experience?

25. Out of all the friends that you have, which one is the closest to you? Can you tell her anything and everything you think or do you only disclose things you want to disclose?

26. Do you like or support the concept of a one night stand? If yes, then how many have you had? Do you wish for a different ending for any of them?

27. What would you like as a surprise vacation? A resort in a remote island or a hotel at the top of a mountain?

28. Have you ever been to a foreign country?

29. Has there ever been any situation because of which you’ve had to take anti-depressants or any similar medication?

30. Have you ever given much of a thought to the huge purposelessness of life?

31. Have you ever cheated on somebody? If yes, then why?

32. Have you ever had to visit a therapist, whether it was for consultation or for treatment?

33. Have you ever wanted to have a pet? Given an option, which animal would you like to keep as a pet?

34. Are you an ambitious person by nature?

35. Is there something that you are really passionate about? If yes, then what is it?

36. What is the most impulsive thing you have done in your life? Were there any massive repercussions because of it?

37. What is your idea of an amazing date?

38. Do you think that it is a guy’s responsibility to constantly make efforts to keep his woman happy?

39. What are the things that turn you off?

40. Have you ever been a part of any sorority or a secret society? If yes, then how was it?

41. Do you like crowded places like clubs and bars or would you prefer to go to a peaceful place for a date?

42. Do you have any unresolved temper issues? If yes, then how do you handle them?

43. Would you call yourself an organized person or are you more messy than organized?

44. Have you considered the concept of life after death? Do you believe in it?

45. What is your favorite cocktail?

46. Do you enjoy cooking? What is the most delicious meal you have ever made?

47. Do you stay in touch with people in general or are you a follower of the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ concept?

48. What are your favorite restaurants in this city?

49. Do you hit the gym regularly or do you go there only when you feel like it?

50. Have you ever volunteered for something?