5 Most Effective Exercises for Tight Muscles and Flexible Joints

1. For cucullaris

Sit cross-legged, back is straight, hands are clasped behind the nape, elbows to the sides, chest forward, neck is straight.
Tilt your head forward, connect the elbows, take your chin to the chest, hands press a little bit on the nape. Count to 15.

2. For back muscles

Sit cross-legged, back is straight, hands are clasped in front of your chest, elbows to the sides, shoulders down. Round your back, relax the abs and stretch your hands as far as possible. Hold your breath.
Common mistake here is not enough rounded back.

3 For chest

Sit cross-legged, back is straight, spine is in neutral position, hands on your lower back, straigten your chest and shoulders, chin is slightly up.
Turn elbows back, connect the shoulder blades and bend your lower back.
Common mistakes: elbows not turned back enough, chin is down, chest is not forward, shoulders up.

4. For glutes

Sit on a exercise mat, put your palms on the floor behind your back. Bend your left leg, foot is on the floor.
The ankle of the right leg is on the left knee, and the knee itself is taken aside. Shoulders are down, shoulder blades are connected, back is straight. Do not twist your hips.
In this position pull the sock of the supporting leg towards yourself. Change legs and repeat.
Common mistakes: rounded and relaxwd back, small range of motion.

5. For oblique abdominal muscles

Sit cross-legged, put right hand on the floor behind yourself, left palm is on the right knee. 
Pushing the knee with your hand and smoothly turning shoulders and head twist your waist. Head turns together with the body. Hold it. 
Breathe steady, relax your abs. Slowly come back to your starting position and repeat to the other side.
Common mistakes: insufficient twist of your body, fast movements, holding the breath and contracting the abs.