16 People You Need To Be In 2016


A new year means hope. It means possibilities. It means new experiences and ways of viewing the world. It means another chance to find whatever it is that we’ve been looking for.

We’ve all heard the phrase “New Year, New Me” a million times before. And to be honest, I don’t really believe that the second the clock hits midnight we can become a completely new human being. I think that trying to be this one perfect person is actually what leads us to so many disappointments.

So I propose a change this year. In 2016, you don’t get to be just one individual. You get to be the sum of the many parts that make up a pretty kick-ass person. You get to experience, see, and feel what it’s like to be multiple characters in your own story.

365 days is a long time. Take advantage of it. Explore, test, and become every person you ever wanted to be.

The Doer

Go at everything in full speed. Work Hard. Play Hard. Love Hard. Give everything 100%. There’s no sense of achievement in always doing the bare minimum just to get by. You won’t believe the satisfaction you’ll get by earning every single thing you have. So go above and beyond – not just with work or school but with every aspect of your life.

The Friend

Do you ever realize the amount of negative things we tell ourselves? We are our own worst enemies – constantly sabotaging our own chance at a happy life. Think about the one person who has always been there for you, who has experienced most of the key moments in your life by your side. Maybe it’s a best friend or significant other; maybe it’s a brother or sister. Would you tell them even half of the things you tell yourself? It’s time to start being a little nicer to ourselves – we matter just as much as everyone else.

The Listener

Be the kind of person you’d want to have around in your times of need. Lend a hand to others and make yourself available for those who need it the most. We need to make the people we care about a priority. Be there for those who are always there for you.

The Thinker

Make 2016 the year in which you find a balance – a balance between being clueless and overthinking to the point of an anxiety attack. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to not have all the answers. Life won’t ever be perfect, but if we dwell on that for too long, we will miss out on the pretty great world we live in.

The Adventurer

If going bungee jumping isn’t your thing, then that’s okay. The beautiful thing is that we each get to choose the meaning of the word “adventure.” What types of experiences will give us an adrenaline rush? A thrill for more? Whatever that is for you – go do it. Don’t let anything or anyone slow you down.

The Optimist

Find a way to see the beauty in the world. We live in a crazy society with a lot of hatred and violence. But we also live in a phenomenal place filled with things that bring us joy. Don’t take those things for granted. Go camping, volunteer somewhere, go to your favorite city, or dance in the rain. Whatever makes you feel more appreciative of the great abundance we have around, find it. Do it. And don’t let it go.

The Screw-Up

We learn the most by making mistakes. Messing up with jobs, with people, with relationships. It’s something you will never be able to avoid, and it’s something that will get you to where you want to be in life. So allow yourself to mess up. Screw up. You’ll always have yourself to help you jump back up when you fall.

The Visionary

Just because you become an “adult,” it doesn’t mean you stop going after your goals. Age is nothing but a number, especially when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. You don’t need anyone’s approval but your own. Go chase what you’ve been looking for.

The Human

Think about others. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Lend an extra hand. It’s not hard to be a good person. There’s kindness inside each and every one of us – it’s up to us whether or not we use it. Remember that Karma is a beautiful thing.

The Risk-Taker

To discover the greatest things in life, we must do the things that scare us. Staying within our comfort zone will hinder our ability to grow and learn – and there’s just too much to learn. Do everything in your power to conquer or at least face some of your fears. It will empower you. It will free you.

The Loner

Be the one who stays in once in a while on a Saturday night. Be the one who goes on a walk alone to clear your head. Be the one who enjoys a dinner with close friends instead of hitting the clubs with 1,000 random and sweaty strangers. Learn to be happy and comfortable when you’re alone.

The Trainwreck

Stop being so ashamed to feel and to break and to get back up only to do it all over again. Ask for help when you need it. Say no to things and people that hurt you. Break down the walls you’ve created from your pain. Be vulnerable. Allow yourself to trust again.

The Leader

I used to think that the concept of leaders and followers was something our parents taught us to get us through middle school. But leaders and followers are all around us. At work. In politics. In our own families. I challenge you to use 2016 as the beginning of your own journey. Stop following the crowds if what they do doesn’t make you happy. Be your own person. Your own best friend. The only one you need to follow is yourself.

The Wanderer

2016 is a year to welcome new ideas, new thoughts, and new beliefs. So many people believe that traveling means hopping on a plane to Europe, or visiting every country in the world. And while that’s always a great dream, keep in mind that you don’t have to travel the universe to learn and explore. Visit areas within your city. Drive to the state next to yours. Take a class. Step out of your daily routine and really see what’s out there. It will make you rich in ways that money never will.

The Artist

What’s your hidden passion? Do you love writing? Singing? Painting? How do you express yourself? Whatever outlet works for you, embrace it. Do more of it. Be proud of it. You don’t have to be a professional actor or dancer to be an artist. You get to create your own art. Your passions are what keep you alive. Don’t neglect them.

The Fighter

A new year brings a lot of new opportunities and wonderful memories. But it also comes with unpleasant experiences like painful breakups, mean bosses, and the never-ending fear of failure. No matter what obstacles come your way, remember that you got through everything in 2015 – and every year before that. You will overcome this year’s challenges just as well.

Remember your strength. Remember your ability to keep going even when times get hard. Remember your ambition to always seek more. You may not be in charge of your destiny, but you are in charge of your journey while you get there. Keep pursuing. Keep going. Keep fighting.

The world might have taught us that labels make us who we are. That we can either be extroverts or introverts. Thinkers or feelers. Dreamers or doers. I say to hell with the labels. Be whomever youwant, little by little or all at once. Explore. Discover. Live your life.

You get to write the next 12 chapters of your story. Make sure they’re worth reading.