15 Simple Ways You Can Make Yourself More Attractive.


Redditors were asked: "What are some simple things you can do to make yourself more attractive?" These are some of the best responses.

1. I've learnt that as a man I can either get away with scruffy hair or a scruffy beard, but never both.

- Dawn_Of_The_Dave

2. Put your damn shoulders back, have a confident walk, and don't stare at the ground all the time as you walk.

- red-bot

3. One of the biggest turn offs for me is when people don't ask questions about others. It gives me the impression that they are self-centered and don't care about anyone else.

- Charlotka

4. Don't be a complainer. Try and find something positive to say if you're struggling to make conversation, and if you can't then express your opinion plainly. Don't talk about being annoyed by something, talk about being disappointed. Don't be the person who is always tearing stuff down.

- butwhatsmyname

5. Avoid profanity and work on improving your vocabulary.

- FalstaffsMind

6. Dressing a little nicer helps a lot. I'm usually just a T-shirt and jeans kinda guy, so when I do khakis and a button up, people usually take notice. Nothing too fancy, but it seems to have an effect.

- Ivedefinitelyreddit

7. Drinking water is a very simple thing that makes a big difference. Staying well-hydrated makes your lips more colorful, your eyes look more awake and your skin look healthier. It also helps against bad breath and headaches.


8. Learn to breathe correctly; a lot of people are shallow breathing f*cks. Breathe from your stomach not your chest and set aside a few minutes every day to take very deep breaths. This will do wonders for your stress levels. A weary heart is often times visible on your face.

- damn_so_much_sodium

9. Go into your bathroom and floss between a few teeth. Just for shits and giggles. See that white stuff on the string? Take a whiff. It's awful. And every time you talk to someone, your breath flows out over those lovely rotting morsels between yo teefs. That's why you floss, not to impress the dentist. Brushing is good, but if you take 2 minutes to brush the tongue and floss, your breath is going to improve 10x. Doesn't matter if you use the picks either, just get that junk outta there.

- swaggatracin

10. According to Tinder, don't mention you smoke. Also, don't smoke.

- 3sheetz

11. Make eye contact with people talking to you.

- TownieMessiah

12. A very simple skincare routine of face washing and moisturizing gives you a glow.

- thatswhatshesaidxx

13. Pretend to be confident. Whether you have high self-esteem or not, other people seeing you confident is a definite +1. As a bonus, eventually you won't have to pretend anymore.

- skeletoonz

14. Trim your nose hair and ear hair.

- Back2Bach

15. If you don't like something at least see the appeal in it. People hate it when you blatantly hate something without giving it a chance.

- LoppyQ