What you should know about anxiety?

What is it Anxiety

Anxiety is your body's natural response to stress. It is a feeling of fear and apprehension about what's to come. We all feel it at times; the first day of school, going for a job interview, or giving a speech cause most people to feel fearful and nervous. Bit if your feelings of anxiety are extreme, last for longer than six months, and are interfering with your life, you may have an anxiety disorder.


User opinion

Im a former alprazolam (xanax) user . those damn pills really did F*** up my brain :( i quit them over a year ago i used to have a problem with alcohol in my mid teens thats mainly why the dr gave them to me :( , after i quit those pills i started exercising ALOT and wow what a world of difference that made!

SO if you feel anxiety please only go see a dr as a last resort. Try to exercise you dont have to do no strenuous army bootcamp workout or anythin just walk 15 + minutes. I had mild anxiety before my worst fear was being alone i started to face my fears and staying overnight alone at my family's 2nd home . dont think negative i tended to always think of the worst case scenario may happen to me . If you take a benzo / narcotic pill such as xanax(alprazolam) , klonopin(clonzapam) , diazepam (vallium) plan on taking it forever since those pills are harder to quit (extreme withdrawals) than it is for a heroin addict to quit heroin . withdrawals from a benzo pill i mentioned above will last FOR YEARS if you quit them i quit from a tiny dose 1/8th of a tiny pill a day (0.0625mg) & if you take a benzo pill it felt to me the same way i felt after my 3rd drink except that feelin dont go away it that feeling lasted so long i actually forgot how it felt feeling normal with a clear head :(
doctors often dont want to renew a benzo or they relocate or retire so the dr who starts you on a benzo pill wont be around forever. and if the dr wont renew your script and if taking a full dose & have to cold turkey quit a benzo, withdrawals are extreme you'll be bedridden a long time over a year this can have deadly consequences too cold turkey quitting a benzo pill

if youve had anxiety awhile have you had any bloodwork done latley ? your body may be lacking a vitamin or mineral that can be causing this .

I drink herbal teas in the evening (chamomille ) after i exercise , shower . that tea feels so relaxing its very safe to drink so please try this tea you can find it at your supermarket for only $1 - $2 for a box of 25 tea bags

your neck shoulders uppper back will become tense due to stress & anxiety massage those areas very well i personally like to use a massaging oil called volcanic oil , that oil was used on horses in the 1800s you can find that oil at walmart for only $5 or less . after i massage those areas my head feels so clear even when im not aching i massage there and OUCH i have knots in my neck or shoulder blades

sorry about long letter i just care from the bottom of my heart i try to help other folks when i see the oppertunity to , God bless you

Katie (babyangell)


2 best Secrets of People Who Live With Anxiety

“I don’t just ‘get nervous.’ Heck, half the time I’m not even nervous when I’m having a panic attack — I’m anxious. Sometimes it’s for no reason I can identify. When I’m anxious and nervous I recognize some of it is irrational, but I can’t just snap out of it. My mind and body aren’t cooperating with reason.” — Alex Wickham

“I’m not being ridiculous or dramatic.” — Melissa Kapuszcak