10 interesting facts about the Coke

1. Phosphoric acid is an active component of Coca-cola. Its pH is 2.8. It can dissolve your nails within 4 days.

2. Put a steak into the plate with Coca-cola and you can't find it in 2 days. 

3. Distributors of Coke have been using Coke for cleansing motors of their lorries for 20 years. 

4. In many states of the USA traffic police always have 2 gallons of Coke in a patrol car to wash off the blood from the highways after the car accidents.

5. For transportation of concentrated products of Coke a lorry should be equipped with special trays that are meant for high corrosive substances. 

6. To clean your toilet pour a tin of Coke into it and don't wash off for an hour.

7. Lemon acid dissolved in Coke will remove spots from faience.

8. To remove rusty spots from chrome-plated car bamper, rub it with a crumpled aluminium foil saturated in Coke. 

9. To remove the corrosion from car batteries, pour them with Coke and corrosion will fade away. 

10. To wash your clothes from spots, pour a tin of Coke on your clothes, add washing powder and wash in a washing machine as usual. Coke will help to remove the spots. It will also clean car windows from the road dust.