Why Women Date Younger Men







Older women dating younger men have gained popularity recently.  But the reason why women sometimes date younger men may not be what you think.

Sure, everyone likes a younger guy. Aside from the advantages of having someone in good physical shape, there is also an emotional advantage.

Younger men show motivation and enthusiasm for life and dating. While older men carry too much baggage and sometimes have damaged opinions about what kind of woman they want to be with, younger guys don't have these preconceptions.

For example, when a mature man has been taken advantage of financially, he may be very uptight with his money when dating, thus eliminating many potentially lovely women just because he expects them to contribute significantly, even when they are of less good financial means

Or, older guys may be bitter about a heartbreak that happened 20 years ago. They may still be attached to the 'image' of that woman. As a result, they may be projecting their idealistic expectations onto women they meet and then rejecting them because they do not meet that image they have in their head.

A more mature man is from an older generation. This may have many disadvantages, such as expecting women to serve him, being controlling, not liking that a woman may be intelligent or have her own ambitions and goals. Some older guys are used to one type of relationship because that's what they known most of their lives. They may not realize that times have changed and different generations are not the same anymore. They are behind when it comes down to dating.

Some other men may be too set in their ways, especially if they are the sort of 'hardened bachelors' that women try to avoid. They may have the money, looks, smarts etc., but they lack the flexibility, sweetness and a desire to meet women half-way.

Of course, other men of the 'advanced' age carry positive attributes, such as emotional maturity, desire to have a stable relationship and experience. But a lot of times, even this comes at a price.

Younger guys offer a fresh perspective on life, they are still building everything in life and as a result are looking forward to the future, not regretting or complaining about the past. They have a 'purer' soul, they haven't been damaged so much by various challenges that life presents.

And another important point: they are from a newer generation. This generation embraces healthier values, is more liberal, more spiritual and more advanced than the older generations.

So while men tend to take longer to mature, some of the younger ones may already be ahead of times just due to the fact that they are from a more open and advanced generation. This may be very appealing to women as women like open-minded men, who are more in touch with their emotions and who can potentially understand women better.

That's why it's important for all men, no matter your age, to always try to improve yourself, look for issues you may be carrying from the past and try and elevate your spirit and your personality. This will pay off handsomely!