How To Get The Smokey Eyes

How to get the Smokey Eyes

Undoubtedly, eyes can please everyone’s heart and speak a thousand expressions sans word. So, express it right with the perfect eyes!

Eyes are the most appealing and expressive feature of one’s face. Any makeup is incomplete without the perfect eye makeup. So, if you want your eyes to steal the show get ready to try some exclusive eye-makeup.

If you are yearning to get those perfectly done smokey and stunning eyes to mesmerize the onlookers with your glamorous look then you are just at right place.

Let me help you with the right procedure to get those eyes done!

1. The first step is to draw an absolute neat line close to your upper eye lashes. Try to keep it thicker all the way around.

2.  After finishing eye contouring outline pick up a sponge applicator or brush to apply a base colour eye shadow along the crease of your eye lid.

3. Now, just brush it up above the crease and bend it slightly around halfway to the eyebrows.

4.  Once the creasing is evenly done, it’s time to apply contour colour eye shadow around your eyes. Again, blend it well, but this time with a pencil line.

5. You can apply contour colour on the crease in a half opened eye state. The best way to put your eye shadow in shape is to apply the horizontal ‘V’ shape at the outside corner of your eyes.

6.  Now, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara to it. Also, give a little touch of a blush to your eyelids which would complement the blush on your cheeks!

Follow the above tips for the perfect appearance and get ready to rule with the hypnotic gaze.