Hard Things To Do in Life


1. Saving Money. Easy to say; hard to do. Spend less. Save more.

2. Losing Weight: Easy to say; hard to do. Eat less. Work out more.

3. Maintaining Weight Loss: Always doing with less and keeping your goal in mind to just maintain status quo is hard.

4. Learning another language. No matter what you get to help you. It's hard. (Rosetta Stone is not easy)

5. Finding the one (you can do so much and never find the perfect /ideal someone, there is always something not quite right in the other you found)  And when you do, it's hardest to stay with them/keeping them.

6. Not letting those closest to you get you angriest the easiest (your family/kids)  You just expect more from them. You are more short with them. Their words hurt more than a stranger's.

7. Not caring what others think (at work, at school, in public, in social settings, etc, etc) about you. Haters gonna hate.

8. Forgiving someone. It's hard when someone has done you so wrong. And not letting that person bother you for so long and affecting your life's choices. Or even Regret= Mistakes you made / Forgiving yourself. It's hard to let go of the emotions around something you did that makes you so angry with yourself.