Coming Home

Take me home to a
Place unfamiliar
Yet always known
One where all things

Are one and matter fully
Each one made up
Of specks of matter
Nothing and no one
Apart or separate
All encompassed
Inside their living universes
With stardust eyes
And galaxy hearts
We wheel through
In a vacuum
But full with breath
Each unique but
Still part of a
Tapestry of being.
Once created
We feel so alone
But we share our space
With other’s atoms
Exchanging some
Each time we pass,
Gravity holding us together
And nothingness is perceived
As pushing us into
Our own special orbits
Dancing eccentric
As comets whiz by
We are touched and moved
By their icy fire
And each meteor fall
Burns cinders into our souls
Though we feel it not.
Worlds apart
Traveling through
Both space and time
Yet all a part of
The great divine
Leaving home,
Coming home,
Already home