85-Year-Old Farmer Given Makeover by Grandson and Is Tranformed into Fashion Icon

Dressing with impeccable style is timeless. Although fashion tends to skew towards the younger population, a photographer and his grandfather prove that looking great can come at any age—even when you’re 85. The young creative, who goes by the name XiaoYeJieXi(@小野杰西) on Weibo, dressed the octogenarian in fashionable pieces like colorful three-piece suits, felted hats, and tailored denim. XiaoYeJieXi then photographed his grandfather among a vibrant cityscape, resulting in series that looks like it’s on the pages of a glossy magazine.

Despite the polished look of these images, XiaoYeJieXi’s intention wasn’t for commercial fame. He simply wanted to give his grandfather a makeover and take him for a tour around the city. It’s in contrast to the elderly man’s regular life in the rural Fujian Province, where he gardens and farms vegetables.

When the photographer posted this endearing series on Weibo, he was met with a flood of positive feedback. From it, the greatest impact was its ability to make us reflect on our own relationships with our grandparents. XiaoYeJieXi’s project encourages us to spend more time with our loved ones and cherish the special moments.