When you say ‘I love you’ first.


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Being in  the right relationship can be  amazing and feel really exciting, especially in the first few months of dating when your just starting to  get to know each other. Who can resist the sweet glances, embraces, passionate kisses and heart warming cuddles, all this can be incredibly addictive.

Soon the get to know you list will make an appearance, that moment where you make up a list of much needed questions to ask your partner in regards to wanting to know everything about him. Sitting on a comfortable sofa you begin. What’s your favourite book?, What has been the happiest moment of your life? The most important person in your life? Favourite food, film, and song? Favourite colour? Person you admire? Favourite time of day? Beach or forest? Sea or lake? Burger, hot dog or pizza? and finally, favourite sexual position? , and the list of questions  and answers go on way past midnight after some intense smooching, along with  the realization that you have a million things in common with this person.

The start of any relationship always seems to be the happiest time in a couples life, because there is a certain freedom that comes with  getting to know someone. There are no pressures and your only goal is to  try and have the best time possible whenever possible. You see each other when you want,  and when you do it feels fabulous and  exhilarating . In the art of seduction the secret to keeping  your man happy and engaged, is showing  him your true self in a confident, sexy and tender way, and also having a certain strength and vulnerability in your demeanour. The perfect mix for long running passion and love. Unfortunately like with all relationships, after a term of blissful joy, connection, and great sex, things begin to get a tiny little bit more complicated.

As time flies, because it certainly does when your having a great time, your feelings begin to grow deeper. You seem to miss him more, want him more, and when he’s not by your side, you feel like something’s missing and empty . This is good reason to suggest why we call them our ‘other halves’. Now relationships are never that easy. When you are really into someone you want to give them your all, feel free in telling the person what you think  about your desires, dreams and plans together. Although you also don’t want to scare the guy off with heavy commitment suggestions. This will surely have your man running for the next train back home to his Mama, at least when seriousness is shown too soon. You have to work it smooth girls! None of that ‘ One day I  would like us to have five kids, if we’re lucky, three boys and  two girls. I would like  to name them  Thomas, Ted, Tristan, Lucy and Kelly , wouldn’t that be lovely my darling? Well no!, no it most definitely would not be lovely. There are three subjects you should never talk about with a guy your getting to know and that your maybe really falling for. These no way insane subjects are  marriage, children, and the future in general. You see men don’t go for the commitment pressures unless they are truly and madly in love, and even if the did they would take their time, especially the ones who are financially independent and free as a bird.

Now when it comes to love, we want to show our man how we really feel. Let him know with an open heart our innermost thoughts and feelings. And so in a moment of natural and spontaneous affection, we hold him tightly in our arms , and pressed against his chest we  whisper those three magical words, ‘I love you’.  As your holding him cheek to cheek, all you want is for him to say those words back to you in the form of ‘I love you too’, and then your world of pink love bubbles would turn into perfection. But as we know life as well as love is far from being perfect. So instead of him declaring his love for you too, he says something like, ‘Em, then a silence, then ah, then another silence, and then the question, Do you fancy some French fries? I know this great place down on Love street, I mean no sorry, Lone Street. Shall we go? I’m pretty hungry’.  You look at him and suddenly  you want the earth to open up beneath you and swallow you whole, but you manage to act like nothing important happened, cool calm, and collective, with a kind smile on your face. The moment you were expecting didn’t go according to plan, but remember that this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Men can sometimes be reluctant to show their feelings too soon, they tend to be more  closed and reserved with how they express themselves, unlike us girls that are more open, chatty and emotional. Men like to take things slowly, especially if they are coming out of past long term relationships. So if your really into a guy, just give him enough space to be able to enjoy you without too many pressures, give yourselves time to get to know  each other well.  The first six months should be special and magical, and you should be  focusing more  on the connection rather than the direction. If it’s meant to be, the rest will fall into place eventually, and it will happen in the most natural of ways. After all saying ‘I love you’ are just three words, the actions behind these words is what really counts. Actions  can express more than a thousand ‘I love you’s’.