What are the alternatives of cakes and pastry? Benefits of a healthy diet.

Here are healthy alternatives to the high-calorie candies.

1. dried apricots 
Dried apricots help cardiovascular to work, keep sight normal, promote good work of digestion and help to get rid of the harmful substances. 
Choose not the brightest dried apricot, but more faded, of medium rigidity and elastic. 

2. prunes
prunes are perfect if you have problems with digestion, liver, kidneys and bowels. It influences the colour and condition of your skin beneficial, increases capacity for work. 
You can eat to 6 berries in a day without harm to your figure. While choosing, make notice of taste not to be bitter and the color to be black. 

3. honey
In case you're not able to refuse from sweet drinks, change sugar into honey. The only thing you should prevent is heating because in this case honey will lose its healthy qualities. Honey boosts the immunity, possesses antiinflammatory and antiviral activities. It also helps to boost metabolism.

4. fig
Fig is an escape for those who has irresistible sugar addiction, because it can dull it. Moreover, it improves the work of kidneys, liver and stomach. 
If you are asking "How many calories in figs?". There is only 30 calories in one fig.

5. dates fruit 
Dates fruit are rich in healthy matters. They help to cure cough, tiredness, anemia and other diseases. Dates are also useful for cardiovascular and nervous diseases. 

6. Another dried fruits:

  • dried grapes
  • dried watermelon 
  • dried raisins 
  • dried kiwi 
  • dried raspberries 
  • dried pears
  • dried grapes 
  • dried mangos 
  • dried berries 
  • dried lemon 
  • dried grapefruit 
  • dried lychee 
  • dried oranges 
  • dried guava 
  • dried jackfruit 

Use this fruits for healthy balanced diet. They help our skin be healthy.