Vitamins for Your Hair

Make note of this because it can be useful.

Vitamin A for your hair 

Vitamin A is responsible for hair growth and hair roots' strength. So during the lack of this vitamin, hair begins to drop out and stops growing or practically stops. That's why it's necessary to organise your nutrition in order your ration contains products that are rich in vitamin A. Such products are liver, fish, carrot, brocolli, sweet pepper, parsley. 

Vitamin A is liposoluble so it needs availability of fats and proteins in body to assimilate. Vitamin A tends to accumulate in liver, so as to fill up the needs of the organism when it has the necessity. 

Vitamin E (tocopherol)

Vitamin E is responsible for hair shine and also prevents its fragility. In case hair breaks on the full length, the reason must be in the lack of vitamin E. While long shortage of this vitamin, hair begins to drop out because it is responsible for transport useful substances from blood to hair roots. Vitamin E contains in vegetable oils, legumes, nuts, Brussels sprouts, hips and apple seeds.