Top Recipe for Beautiful Hair and Nails

(This recipe will be suitable also for those people who have joint ill.)

Girls, I want to confide you to wonderful beauty recipe.

Take 1 tsp usual gelatine, in the evening pour it with 1/3 glass of cold water and leave to swell for night. In the morning add hot water to fill in the glass, stir, add 1 tsp of honey (if you don't have an allergy) and drink. Don't eat for 1-1.5 hours after it.

Take it for 2 weeks, then a 1 week break, then again 2 weeks in dependance of the results. 

The mixture has a very good impact on hair, skin and nails and helps those, who have ill joints, greatly. I've checked it by myself and can say that the result is fabulous! My hair was falling out, I thought that I was growing bald. No mask could help me. I also took the vitamins (and still take them). This recipe was told me by my sister, she is a doctor and she suffered from joint ill herself. She took it for a month and the result appeared. She forgot about the joint problems. It also affected her beauty. You can take it as a prevention 2-3 times a year. Maybe, this recipe will help somebody.