Top Diet Tips

These tips will be suitable for you even in case you have not an obesity, but an irritating corpulence. Our aim is to improve your metabolism, eat without any harm fot a body, but to lose weight at the same time.

1. Drink ginger tea, green tea without sugar or 1 cup of coffee. Don't listen to advices to drink water with lemon juice on an empty stomach - it may harm you gastrointestinal tract, risk if you want, but ginger and green tea is an excellent starting point for a sleepy organism. Coffee also influences organism positively, but in limited quantities. 

2. All the meals can be divided into carbohydrate, protein, fat, though it's not an absolute division, because most products belong to the mix type. But you should remember, that fish and eggs are protein and oil is fat. Eat fats and carbohydrates in the first part of the day, in the second - all the rest., that is light.

3. You can't put away all the fats from your ration, just control their quantities in order that vitamins assimilate, but there won't be amount of fats. Dry fat food with a paper towel or napkins and you'll keep your vessels healthy. 

4. A common mistake is to think that people become overweigt because of fats, but carbohydrates are insidious. You should limit it or change into protein products that aren't saved, but are capable to satisfy your hunger.

5. Protein diet is a good way to decrease your weight, but don't forget about the high load on kidneys and other organs. Drink more pure water, because everything good that shop meat contains, can have a bad influence on kidneys.

6. You should drink 2 litres water a day. Not a soup, juice or fruit drink but pure water. Do not drink it at once, but drink gradually not to provoke cellulitis.